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  • Alhambra Palace Tour - With Expert Guide
    Worth the money
    We had FELIPE who we excellent!
    Michael Smith, 09/Jul/2017
  • The Alhambra Palace Guided Tour – With Transfers
    Great tour, excellent guide!
    Our guide gave an excellent tour of the Alhambra, reciting facts about its history and giving a good insight on the roles played by all who lorded over this site. We learned a lot about the cultures of the Moors and Christians that ruled the Alhambra through history. And, we appreciated his management of several tour guests who's actions could have derailed the enjoyment for the rest of us. Our time at the site was limited and he quickly corralled a few that kept wandering off from the tour's path. On the Alhambra itself, the gardens were an unexpected joy with lavish plants, fountains and waterways. Truly a memorable tour!
    Dennis Gately, 07/Jul/2017
  • Alhambra Palace Tour - With Expert Guide
    Great tour!
    I would highly recommend this tour. The only downside was that our tour guide spoke so fast that I felt I was missing out on a lot of information. He was great though and I still enjoyed the tour.
    Julia Arde, 02/Jul/2017
  • Alhambra Palace Entrance Tickets & Audio Guide
    Must have on your list when visiting Granada
    Easy to use iPhone picked up from the tourist office and off you go.You can choose any way you wish to view the palace.Best way to see everything at your own pace as it was 41 degrees when we visited the palace.You could leave the palace during the day and go back later as long as you had your ticket.
    Elaine Williams, 02/Jul/2017
  • Alhambra Palace Tour - With Expert Guide
    You need the tour
    I learned so much more from the tour than I could have on my own. The place is so big, you would wander for hours not really understanding how it all evolved. My only complaint was finding the Visitor Centre to pick up the tour. It was SO close to the entrance and yet I could not see it from there. Eduardo, our guide, had good English and was easy to understand.
    Linda McElrea, 01/Jul/2017
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