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  • Granada City Train Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour
    Good overview of the city and good transport from hotel to Alhambra - at least we do not have to walk that far and could reserve energy for Alhambra
    Sorry to say that one of the drivers was NOT very polite and NOT accommodating and NOT obliging at all !
    Lee Lean, 02/Nov/2017
  • Alhambra Palace Tour - With Expert Guide
    Great tour
    Hi, We booked this 3 hour tour of the Alhambra and I'm really glad that we had the guide as he made it really interesting and fun. He had so much knowledge and passion for everything connected to the Alhambra. I can't remember his name but it was the 2 o'clock english speaking tour on Tuesday 24th October.
    Linda Atkinson, 28/Oct/2017
  • The Alhambra Palace Guided Tour – With Transfers
    Tour guide made all the difference
    Outstanding. Our tour guide Enrique brought the experience of the Alhambra to life with his wide and deep knowledge. A native of Granada, Enrique brings to his job the perspective of a long time resident. That perspective helps him to set visitors' experiences of the Alhambra in the context of the 14th century, and at the same time to see it as it is today, in the rich tapestry of modern Spain. We were impressed with Enrique's linguistic fluency and his broad and in some areas very deep knowledge of the art, architecture, and history of the Alhambra. One small detail also should be mentioned. Our tour group seemed to us cohesive, well-suited to one another and to our guide. I don't know how the company manages to do this, but I did not ever feel as if I were part of a ragtag collection of people who latched onto the first person carrying a small small stick with a flag attached. Enrique gave us a great visit to the Alhambra.
    Gene Roelofs, 27/Oct/2017
  • Alhambra Palace Tour - With Expert Guide
    Guide and tour was very good
    Guide was a delight, tour was very informative and interesting. Guided tour was pretty organized and am very satisfied. BUT, Isango´s after care and service was extremely poor. I only asked for an official invoice and it was a huge deal and the customer service was very unhelpful. They were not willing to help me much. This is NOTHING to do with the local guiding company, it is Isango´s issue.
    susan campbell, 24/Oct/2017
  • Alhambra Palace Tour - With Expert Guide
    Very good tour
    Our day began with a problem in that when we presented our tickets for the 9.30 morning tour in English the person at the desk told us our tour time had been changed to 11.00 am. This was a problem for us as we had left Nerja very early to be ready at the appointed time and pivotally, the person at the desk said we had been emailed with notification of the time change. The fact is that the email they sent was addressed to a Ms Sorenson and NOT to me and even if it had, less than 24 hours notice is not sufficient for people who do not have the normal access to email which they would have at home. Understandably we made quite a fuss with the person at the desk who initially did little to appease or sort our problem. Nevertheless, we are happy we remained resolute and she seemed to renage and eventually placed us in a tour beginning at 10.30 in which the tour girl performed in BOTH Spanish and English. It wasn't ideal, however, the tour guide Jennifer was really excellent and overall we really enjoyed our 3 hour tour.
    henry yates, 13/Oct/2017
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