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Alhambra Tickets and Granada Tours

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Alhambra Tickets and Granada Tours

There aren't many places in Europe that can boast a grand 12th Century castle, which sits atop a hill dominating the mountainous landscape and the city below. An area steeped in Moorish history and renaissance architecture. Juxtaposed in perfect harmony. Alhambra in the Granada region can and although it attracts plenty of visitors to its fortified walls, it's still something of a secret. Until now! A visit to Alhambra palace and the city of Granada will delight all that explore this beautiful region. The only question remaining is which Alhambra tickets you should purchase? Visit the castle and then take in the city of Granada? Do you add in an authentic evening of flamenco? Or take a hop-on-hop-off tour and explore at your own pace? Whichever option you choose, this is one place that will ensure a fairy-tale experience, Spanish style.

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  • Very good tour experience
    Roger Wong, Hong Kong 06/05/2016
  • Awesome Tout
    Sofia Khan, Canada 08/02/2016
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